Day Supports

Day Supports: Our Enrichment Center serves individuals in either a group or individual setting to enhance life skills, social skills, safety skills, motor skills, education, etc. Our Day Program runs Monday-Friday 8:30-3:00 and is set up on a semester schedule offering a variety of choices to individuals. Every eight weeks, new classes begin allowing students to sign up for their choice of interest. Our Day Program also offers the following: Volunteer opportunities, Weekly Bible study, TRAP (The Rhythmic Arts Project), Swimming at the YMCA, Frequent field trips, Outside guests, Llamas, Special events, Special bikes, Music Picnics, Games, Life Skills.

Nice people talking, everybody’s nice people. They take care of me. I help everybody and it’s fun. Really really nice people. Nice Reach!
— Marcia P.

Community Living and Support

Individuals are assisted and educated on independent living skills both in home activity skills and in community interactions. Some examples of CLS are cooking, working out, visiting the local library, money management and budgeting.

Community Networking

Individuals are integrated into the community for volunteer opportunities and/or creating relationships with others. Great examples of CN are volunteering with organizations such as ABCCM, Charlie’s Angels, Salvation Army and other Non-profit organizations.

It’s wonderful! We play basketball and go to the music store. I like playing with the cats. Tasheena is super nice. That’s all.
— Ryan C.
It makes me happy to be involved in my community. I like volunteering and helping people. It makes my day happy!
— Alex S.


Individuals are skillfully placed within homes to live in healthy family environments to be well cared for and interact with others, in meaningful activities.


Trained staff will provide fun activities of participant’s choice while parents and caregivers enjoy time for themselves. Ex. movies, board games, park, cooking together, etc.

Supported Employment

Individuals explore and maintain meaningful employment with the training and guidance from a job coach. Many of our participants maintain and thrive in a variety of jobs weekly.

I make cards and sell them. Valerie (Staff member) helps me make a lot of money, and that’s what I want. She helps me thinks of ideas and she helps me. Cause she’s a very nice person.
— Annette A.